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Unique invention on a global scale by Professor M. Gagoś.

Original, unique and the only preparation in the world which protects bees against the effects of neonicotinoids and toxins.

VITAEAPIS® acts as protection and removes neonicotinoids from the bees' nervous system. This triggers a cascade of effects leading to an increase in the behavioural resistance of the bee colony (more in the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION tab).

The product is covered by Polish and European patent protection.

Patent owner - BioActive-Tech Sp. z o.o.

Advantages of Vitaeapis®:

- ingredients of natural origin
- possibility of application during honey harvest
- easy application by dissolving in sugar syrup (the mixture should be sprayed into inter-frame lanes or sprayed on the bees on frames or poured into the feeders)

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In our store you can place an order for VITAEAPIS® preparation for bees.

The preparation protects bees from the adverse effects of pesticides.

It increases the vigour of the bee colony (hygienic instinct, vitality, immunity)

It causes bees to shed Varroa destructor and remove all impurities out of the hive.

A pathogen-free colony equals reduced occurrence of diseases and impacts the intensity of the queen bee's egg-laying, thus consequently increasing the strength of the bee colony and enhancing overwintering potential.

Also applicable during the foraging period.

One packet of the product is sufficient for ten bee colonies.
SAFETY AND PROVEN EFFICIENCY - confirmed by research.
The product is protected by a patent and a registered trademark.

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